Pediatric Dental Emergencies and How We Can Help

Kids love to play, and unfortunately, accidents can happen whether they're practicing sports or just having fun. The good news is that your dentist is here to help and is only a phone call away if you have a pediatric dental emergency in Savannah, GA. Learn what to do in case of a dental emergency by contacting Dr. Kamiti Harden of Simply Children's Dentistry.

Injured Tooth

If a tooth has been chipped it's important for your child to see their dentist right away. Minor injuries can be repaired quickly using dental bonding, but if the tooth is heavily damaged they may need a dental crown to protect it. To prevent such injuries, speak with their dentist about a mouthguard for sports.

Lost Tooth

Teeth can also be knocked out during an accident, and if it is a permanent tooth it's important to find and try to save the tooth. It needs to be very gently cleaned. Be careful not to handle the root of the tooth or to damage any of the nerves that may be there. You can transport the tooth to the dentist's office to have it reattached in a container with milk or by placing it in your cheek to keep it moist.

Even if the lost tooth is a baby tooth prompt treatment is advised, because if they fall out before they are meant to it can affect the incoming adult tooth. Their dentist can apply spacers to prevent complications.

Problems With Dental Fillings

Dental fillings should still last a long time with proper dental hygiene. So on top of daily brushing, make sure your child is attending regular dental checkups and cleanings. If a dental filling does fall out or is simply loose, you should get your child to rinse with a warm mix of salt and water and to avoid biting with that side of the mouth until they can be examined in the office. Their dentist will likely replace the dental filling.


Children will experience all sorts of growing pains as new teeth are coming in, or perhaps their smiles are being corrected with braces. While some discomfort can be attributed to these reasons, reaching out to their doctor at any sign of pain is always a good idea.

Pediatric Dental Emergencies in Savannah, GA

If you have a pediatric dental emergency in Savannah, GA, Dr. Harden of Simply Children's Dentistry can help guide you through steps specific to your situation. In the case of a dental emergency, you can reach the office by dialing 912-353-9993.

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